Tower of Fantasy is planning a huge gameplay redesign and possible relaunch

Tower of Fantasy has announced a thorough redesign of the game from the ground up in an attempt to rekindle its player base and fix existing issues. The ambitious Co-creation Retrospective Plan was published in an official Bilibili article on November 23, urging players to actively participate in changing the popular online RPG.

Tower of Fantasy to undergo massive revamp to stay competitive in the industry

The Co-creation Retrospective Plan, which began on November 23 and will end on December 7, 2023, intends to collect useful opinions and comments from the gaming community. Tower of Fantasy has struggled to keep player interest and has faced stiff competition from other popular titles such as Genshin Impact.

Recognizing the need for change, game developers are seeking feedback from players on a variety of aspects, including character customization, combat mechanics, event design, environment exploration, and more. The move is viewed as a strategic effort to not just identify the problem but also to include the gaming community in decision-making.

Tower of Fantasy redesign
Image via Level Infinite

Tower of Fantasy’s plan to undergo a thorough makeover could be the spark needed for a rebirth in an online RPG landscape that is rapidly changing. The scene has been dominated by Genshin Impact, with Tower of Fantasy trailing behind. The Co-creation Retrospective Plan demonstrates the developers’ determination to confront these difficulties head-on.

Players have been requested to share their feedback to reshape the game’s future

Players are urged to take part in the survey, providing vital feedback on what areas of the game need to be improved. This collaborative approach allows players to directly affect the game’s future development. If the remake is successful, it might mark the glorious return of Tower of Fantasy to the forefront of online RPG gaming.

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Image via Level Infinite

Players have been asked to fill out the following questionnaire to ensure their voice is heard and to participate in the change of Tower of Fantasy. Your feedback could be key in defining the game’s fate and bringing in a new era for this popular beloved franchise.

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