Takt op Symphony Musicarts Tier List for December 2023

Takt op. Symphony, crafted by Program Twenty Three, is an engrossing symphonic RPG set in a world threatened by disharmony. As the protagonist, Takt Asahina, players journey through an enchanting narrative, combating Despair Dolls with the aid of Musicarts—specialized anti-D2 weapons. This Takt op Symphony tier list evaluates the diverse Musicarts, aiding players in assembling an effective team to conquer challenges and bring peace back to this captivating realm.

Takt op Symphony Tier List for December 2023: Best Musicarts Ranked

To make things simpler, we’ve sorted the Musicarts into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This classification aids players in understanding the relative strengths of each Musicart and assembling potent teams capable of handling various challenges within the game.

Tier Musicarts
Strong (S) Walklure,
Fantaisie Impromptu,
The Swan Lake,
Good (A) Belkis,
Pomp & Circumstance,
Queen of Sheba
Average (B) Elise,
Daphnis & Chloe,
Air On The G String,The Nutcracker,
Twinkle Star,

Best Musicarts in takt op. Symphony for December 2023

1. Walklure

Walkure, is ranked as one of the best Warden in the game, because of her outstanding support in battles. Her exceptional healing and defensive skills make her a prized asset within the game. Walkure’s primary role is to safeguard her team while providing unparalleled assistance.

Takt op Symphony Walklure
Image via Program Twenty Three

In combat, Walkure’s standout feature is her remarkable healing ability. When the opposing team attacks, she has a 50% chance to heal her allies, ensuring their sustained endurance on the battlefield. This unique skill not only enhances the team’s resilience but also grants a significant advantage, enabling them to endure enemies’ attacks effectively.

2. Fantaisie Impromptu

Fantaisie Impromptu, a 3-star Blader, excels in physical attacks and deals substantial damage to foes. In battles, she secures victories and boosts her team’s critical rate by 20%, enhancing their damage potential.

Takt op Symphony Fantaisie Impromptu
Image via Program Twenty Three

Fantaisie’s standout trait lies in her ability to ensure critical hits with her initial moves. This guarantees a strong impact at the start of battles, setting the stage for an aggressive team strategy. Her proficiency in dealing with damage and elevating the team’s critical rate makes her an invaluable choice for battles where maximizing damage is crucial for success.

3. The Swan Lake

The Swan Lake, a Gunner, stands out for dealing exceptional damage to enemies. She possesses the highest firepower rate and delivers piercing attacks, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Takt op Symphony The Swan Lake
Image via Program Twenty Three

Swan Lake’s remarkable strength lies in her ability to inflict high damage consistently, thanks to her skills. Moreover, she possesses a skill that cleanses two debuffs, adding versatility to her offensive prowess. With her knack for piercing attacks, she effectively bypasses enemy defenses, ensuring impactful damage with every strike.

Final Thoughts

As you navigate through Takt Op Symphony, use this tier list as a helpful guide in selecting characters for your team. However, always consider your playstyle and preferences when making choices. Keep in mind that the tier list might change as the game gets updates and new content. Stay flexible and adjust your choices based on the evolving aspects of Takt Op Symphony. Experiment, explore, and have fun discovering the best strategies that suit you in this symphonic RPG adventure.

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