Knightcore Kingdom: The complete Reroll Guide and Tips

Knightcore Kingdom is a distinct strategy game by Marscat Games. To retake Camelot, players must ascend to the rank of Lord and command their Vast armies. The game offers a huge range of characters, just like other strategy games. As not all heroes are the greatest for the squad, you must first acquire strong characters. … Read more

METRIA Reroll Guide and Tips

METRIA is a new and exciting action role-playing game created by the experienced Asobimo. Their creativity shines through, providing a helpful guide for early gameplay. In METRIA, players step into an RPG world inspired by the success of Genshin Impact, where hope and sin are intertwined. This influence enhances the gaming experience, and METRIA’s third-person … Read more

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds Reroll Guide and Tips

Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is an action-packed RPG created by Frima and Gearbox Publishing. Journey into the harsh Procyon System, where quick thinking and sharp reflexes reign supreme in challenging shoot-and-dash battles. Our Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds Reroll Guide is here to assist newcomers and those looking for a better start. Learn the process and build your ideal squad for … Read more