UAE leader meets US vice president, other leaders on sidelines of COP28 in Dubai

KHAN YUNIS, Palestinian Territories: At almost exactly the same time Israeli negotiators pulled out of deadlocked truce talks in Qatar on Saturday, Israeli jets sent a prestige Doha-funded housing development in the Gaza Strip up in smoke.Hamad City is named for the former emir of the Gulf petro-state, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who laid … Read more

Biden and UAE president discuss hostage deal, Gaza truce during call

ATHENS: “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Spanish-American philosopher’s George Santayana’s poignant quote is still relevant nearly a century after he wrote it as the list of full-blown and low-intensity conflicts worldwide grows longer every year. The unprecedented violence seen in the continuing war between Israel and Hamas has claimed the lives … Read more

Saudi crown prince, Ukrainian president discuss Ukraine-Russia conflict

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia and South Korea came together at the Red Hall in Princess Noura University Theater on Sunday night for a series of performances blending the two cultures. The show, which will conclude on Nov. 28, was launched by the Saudi Royal Institute of Traditional Arts in partnership with the Korea National University of … Read more

Elon Musk to meet Israeli president, Gaza hostage families on Monday

Egypt’s foreign minister begins tour that includes Spain, US in push to end Gaza violence CAIRO: The eighth Regional Forum of the Union for the Mediterranean takes place in the Spanish city of Barcelona on Monday. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry was setting off on Sunday to join the talks which will this year focus … Read more

Every industry should be ‘held accountable’ on climate: COP28 president

RIYADH: A robust electric vehicle transition that will support Saudi Arabia’s energy goals can only occur with the needed infrastructure, the CEO of the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Co. has told Arab News. Mohammad Gazzaz said the Kingdom has outlined “clear plans” for its ambitions toward electrification, making the need for a framework to fulfill the goals … Read more

Ministerial committee assigned by joint Islamic-Arab summit holds meeting with China vice president

RIYADH: Mehdi Khalil is something of a legend in Qatif fish market, the biggest in the region and second-largest in Asia. He has devoted his life to fishing in the Arabian Gulf and, to mark World Fisheries Day, he spoke to Arab News about his life at sea. It began when he went fishing for … Read more

Red Cross president meets with Hamas chief on Gaza war humanitarian issues

Why the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza has not sparked a full-scale conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon — so far DUBAI: The latest spike in border violence between Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Israel has prompted concern that the war in Gaza could still ignite a broader conflict in the Middle East. On Saturday, Israel reportedly … Read more

Egypt’s president, Lebanon’s PM focus on developments in Gaza

Medical supplies arrive at Rafah crossing for second field hospital Jordan plans in Gaza AMMAN: Forty trucks laden with medical supplies arrived at the Rafah crossing on Monday for the second field hospital Jordan said will set up in the Gaza Strip. The government-owned Al-Mamlakah TV said on Monday that the new Jordanian field hospital … Read more