Mobile gaming news roundup (November 2023): New releases, Industry movements and more

As we step into a fresh month, let’s reflect on the mobile gaming developments from the past month. The month of November 2023 turned out to be an absolute treat for mobile gaming enthusiasts, with a lineup of vibrant new titles hitting the scene and exciting news and announcements about upcoming mobile games. In this … Read more

T3 Arena November 2023 Update: Christmas Makeover, Second Ultimates, Hero Balancing and more

T3 Arena November 2023 Update is here, delivering a bundle of exciting features, hero enhancements, and festive cheer just in time for the winter holidays. This mid-season update focuses on hero development and introduces eight powerful second ultimates, hero balancing, new in-game features, and a vibrant winter holiday makeover. Let’s delve into the highlights of … Read more

Blue Archive brings a new event story and new characters in its November 2023 update

In the November 2023 update for Blue Archive, a captivating culinary display takes center stage with the introduction of a fresh event narrative titled Dragon & Tortoise: Collaborating Towards a Brighter Tomorrow. This event welcomes two remarkable new students, Rumi and Mina, to the game’s long and evergrowing roster of characters. Meet explosive strikers Rumi … Read more

Tarisland Character Class Tier List for November 2023

Tarisland by Tencent Games is a classic action MMORPG set in a captivating Western fantasy world. Find yourself in a massive sandbox with diverse classes and challenging raids that evolve with your awakening. Engraved stones reveal divine guidance amid a clash of three Gods’ wills, placing you at the center of it all. The choice … Read more

New State Mobile November 2023 Update: New weapon FAMAS, Akinta night-mode and more

With the new month of December coming soon, new changes have been brought to the game of New State Mobile, which involves a new weapon FAMAS, the map of Akinta introduced in night mode and more. Let us breakdown more about the changes which Krafton has brought, during the November 2023 Update in New State Mobile. … Read more

Ghost Master: Survival free codes and how to redeem them (November 2023)

Pisces Game created Ghost Master: Survival, an immersive MMO ghost-hunting game with an Asian aesthetic. You’ll play the game as a devil-slaying shaman and a celestial master who can tame demons, and you’ll travel on an exciting quest with other Asian demon tamers to hunt ghosts and tame devils. Use Taoist magic to defeat demons, … Read more

Dungeon Hunter 6 free codes and how to redeem them (November 2023)

Dungeon Hunter 6 by Gameloft is an action role-playing game that continues the tradition of sending players on epic fantasy journeys to protect the realm from various threats. You must face significant challenges as the protagonist in an engaging environment. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the most recent Dungeon Hunter 6 free redeem codes. How to get free … Read more

LaTale M: Side-Scrolling RPG free codes and how to redeem them (November 2023) 

Lulin Games developed LaTale M: Side-Scrolling RPG, a side-scrolling RPG mobile game. LaTale M is the mobile version of the renowned 2D Side-Scrolling MMORPG LaTale Online. Immerse yourself in the captivating plot and embark on a nostalgic adventure with classic lessons. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the most recent LaTale … Read more

MapleHeroes – Idle Adventure free codes and how to redeem them (November 2023)

MapleHeroes Idle Adventure is a mobile game published by YUEYOO GAMES. Set out on an amazing journey through the colorful realm of MapleHeroes – Idle Adventure. Choose from four classes, form alliances with pals, and take on hysterical bosses. Collect magical pets, make your own look, and plan with numerous skill combinations. This mobile RPG … Read more

Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend free codes and how to redeem them (November 2023)

Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend is the highly anticipated action RPG from SuperPlanet. You take on the role of a Demigod on a mission to restore their powers by utilizing both light and dark forces.  In this article, we will discuss all the free codes of Demigod Idle: Rise of a Legend and how to redeem … Read more