Smash Cup a futuristic top-down shooter action title, is now available in selected regions

Smash Cup is a futuristic top-down shooter action game by Spring Games which is now available for Android and iOS in the United States, Germany, France, and Latvia. This genre-blending shooter game mixes the greatest components of MOBA, tower defense, and roguelike gameplay to create a unique and intense battle experience. Craft your arena and conquer the battle in Smash … Read more

COP28: 50 oil and gas companies sign charter to accelerate climate action in industrial sector

DUBAI: The US should participate, rather than being a “loud opponent,” in carbon pricing, urged the director of the International Monetary Fund.Addressing the Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum alongside the UN Climate Conference, Kristalina Georgieva affirmed that the US must not hinder the world from “moving in the right direction.” Instead, the country should explore … Read more

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG, an idle action RPG is now globally available on Android and iOS

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG provided by Gamepub is an idle action RPG game, which is now available for Android and iOS. Things have suddenly gotten quite frightening in the world of Dark Slayer as zombies are everywhere! The world is in desperate need of a hero to step forward and kick some undead butt, and guess what? … Read more

Saudi aid chief reinforces need for collective action to reduce global food insecurity

RIYADH: Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, the adviser at the Royal Court and supervisor general of the Saudi aid agency KSrelief, has reinforced the need for collective action to reduce global food insecurity and malnutrition. Al-Rabeeah was speaking at the Global Food Security Summit which was held in London and attended by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak; British … Read more

COP28 Business & Philanthropy Climate Forum gathers world leaders to asses progress on climate action

Outcomes from Georgetown University in Qatar’s “Sustaining the Oasis” Hiwaraat conference are poised to be a catalyst for shaping new dialogues, collaboration, and research partnerships around water security and climate change, both within the region and around the globe. Held from Nov. 12-13, the conference was a collaboration between GU-Q and the Earth Commons Institute … Read more

Dead Stand is an open-world action title launched for Android, currently in beta

Playstel launched its action title Dead Stand for Android on the 16th of November 2023. The game comes with a unique style of graphics work and features an open-world map with real-time actions with the others. Besides, character customization, cool items, and an engaging story placed the game on a high expectation level. The game … Read more