T3 Arena Hero Tier List for December 2023

T3 Arena is an Overwatch-like mobile shooter that has carved out its own identity in the mobile gaming space. Although marketed as a casual shooter, the game comes with an extensive list of characters, brimming with abundant mechanics and maneuverability which often makes it hard for newbies to clear through the clutter and make the best choice when it comes to picking characters. This T3 Arena Tier List serves to provide a comprehensive understanding of each character’s position within the current meta, offering insight into why starting with the best characters is advantageous.

While the game was originally intended to be a 3v3 shooter, the transition to the 5v5 model has some characters with completely new identities. So it is crucial to examine the latest changes to pick your favorites. We will give you recommendations of the best heroes to pick whether you play solo or in a team together with your friends. Remember each hero has their ability and difficulties to play, making choosing a hero can be troubling. However, if you are new to the game, check out this T3 Arena beginners guide.

T3 Arena Hero Tier List for December 2023

In this tier list, we will give you a good insight about them in the T3 Arena hero tier list and we will give you a good insight about the best hero that is recommended to put into your roster. There will 4 tiers (S, A, B, C) based on each type. We will also provide the best heroes among all heroes included in this tier list to help you consider your lineup in battle.

Tier DPS Flanker Vanguard Healer
Strong (S) Skadi, Christiana,
Aleta, Shell Fade, Jabali Chemist, Neon
Good (A) Hunter, Judex,
Gloria, Mark, Ossas, Hua Ling, Daimon
Diggy, Yaa,
Ono, Ruby,
Fort, Victor
Average (B) Gatlyn Johnny Jet, Kazama Zero-Kelvin Sindri, Labula

Continuing with the tier list, our goal is to identify the top characters within each tier and element, as outlined in the previous table. With a pool of approximately 30 characters available for you to gather and enlist in battles, the choices are abundant.

The below picks are the best characters that are worth your time to farm and upgrade to their maximum levels. The effect of their presence in the battle is the factor that makes these characters recommended to add to your roster. Here, we will give a good insight into the recommended characters.

Best DPS Hero: Skadi

There’s a reason she is given to players as the first hero to try in tutorials. Leveraging the auto-fire feature of the game, she not only becomes a deadly tool in mid to close-range combat, but Skadi also boasts exceptional mobility, thanks to her active abilities.

skadi t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment

Her first ability not only traps enemies that are hardest to pin down but it can also be used to reposition herself and fall back instantly, giving you the option to always take flight from your preferred ranges. But remember, no matter how agile you are using Skadi, landing headshots should always be your priority for swift two-shot takedowns.

Best Flanker Hero: Aleta

Aleta is T3 Arena’s first original flanker who boasts arguably the highest mobility in the game. She comes with a difficulty rating of 4 and for due reason. While she is the fastest, the low damage of her primary weapon makes it quite challenging for players to perform quick takedowns.

aleta t3 arena
Image via XD Entertainment

When playing Aleta, you must remain highly accurate while also being agile throughout each battle. Like a classic flanker, the key to maximizing her effectiveness is to always keep poking enemies from back and fall back. She’s also great at chasing down enemies that are low on health.

Best Vanguard Hero: Jabali

The choice of Vanguard depends entirely on your playstyle and all the options till A tier are highly effective. But no matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, Jabali is always the most preferred tank due to his ability to take the entire firepower of the opponent team head-on. While he’s not the ideal choice for any fight beyond close range, his ability to penetrate through shields makes him the most effective choice against all the other Vanguards.

T3 Arena Jabali Guide
Image via XD Inc.

The common mistake players often make with Jabali is always keeping his shield open even though there’s hardcover to work with. Remember, the shield is not invincible, and the cooldown only starts after you close the shield. Always allow the shield to replenish when there’s cover already then save it for the crucial moments to pop it at the face of your enemies.

Best Healer: Chemist

She’s been out of the meta for a while now but now she has made a resounding comeback with a huge buff on her fire rate and a brand new second ultimate. Not only does Chemist have the highest healing rate, but she now has an increased magazine size.

T3 Arena Chemist Guide
Image via XD Inc

But what makes her truly unique is her ability to cancel the healing effect of opponents for a brief time by using her second active ability, which often turns the tide of entire battles. And with the addition of her all-new second ultimate that deals periodic damage to multiple enemies at once, she’s now truly the most offensive healer of them all.

Final Thoughts

All of the heroes in T3 Arena are easy to learn and understand, it will make the players quickly learn all the skills so they can decide which hero they want to take to the battlefield. Keep in mind that every hero in this game has a difficulty level to use, with a one-star level as the easiest.

Additionally, do remember that all the heroes available in the game are good, you just need to pay attention to the details before using them. Especially since all of the passive skills need to be unlocked using T coins. All the heroes recommended here are strictly for teamplay goals, effective most in objective-based modes.

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