Soul Knight Prequel: Beginners Guide and Tips

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixel-art action RPG that serves as the predecessor of the hit mobile dungeon crawler series, Soul Knight. It features the typical roguelike combats where you explore in quests and slash monsters to climb higher as a Knight. Your adventure begins when you set on a mission with your fellow chibi characters to retrieve Sophoract, the essence of life, from locations detected and save Mystraea from its impending doom. Follow our Soul Knight Prequel Beginners Guide to understand the pivotal gameplay mechanics and features while retaining some valuable tips to fuel your journey.

Gameplay Overview

Soul Knight Prequel is an interesting roguelike game with a linear storyline. As you enter into the game with your created character, you go through a detailed tutorial to have a gist of the combat system.

Soul Knight Prequel tutorial storyline
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After your return to the village, you are informed about the curators of Spohoract, Archknight, and Archwizard, going missing along with the Spohoract being sabotaged by unknown forces. Since then, you with your other two companions of your knight order set on a mission to retrieve the fragments of Spohoract scattered across various lands. 

You do not have to worry much about the gameplay when you just have to follow the storyline and carry out the quests accordingly. All the locations are not unlocked firsthand and you need to clear an itinerary mission to track the first location where you detect the Sophoract.

Soul Knight Prequel quest location
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As you go on exploring the dungeons in every quest location, you are required to destroy the monsters in your way and loot coins and powerful equipment on your way.  In greater difficulties, you will have to face tougher monsters and bosses in exchange for finer rewards.

Understanding the Combat Mechanism

The combat mechanism in Soul Knight Prequel is simple and has a dungeon-crawler style like any other roguelike game. It is important to understand the controls and other icons on the screen to fight against your enemies smoothly.

The joystick on the left side helps you in locomotion in all directions. The sword icon represents the basic attack through which you can attack the monster in front of you from any distance. The attacks also depend on the weapon you are carrying. 

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Just above the basic attack button, you can witness the skill buttons. The skills you have included in the Skill panel can be activated by clicking on the respective buttons. You can also perform the charge-up attacks by holding down a skill button. A charge-up attack does more damage than a regular skill attack.

There is a mini-map on the top right of the screen to help you move in the correct direction and to the next level. You can also open your character profile from the top left corner to see the status effects currently active for your character during fights.

Understanding the Class System

The class system is one of the core aspects of this game. As you create your character, there needs to be class selection. The game inhabits seven Primary classes for you to choose from. They are Warrior, Archer, Tempest Mage, Animancer, Aegis, Thief, and Pyromancer.

However, the Animancer class unlocks with the Gold Medallion and you can only access it through the paid method. As you reach level 5, you can choose a Secondary class which gives you access to the skills of another primary class. 

Soul Knight Prequel Warrior class
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After level 8, you are allowed to choose the Prestige classes. These classes are the combinational classes of your initially chosen class and the secondary ones. The Prestige group has one of the top-tier classes for your character as you receive an exclusive set of skills. You must choose your starting and secondary classes carefully at their respective levels as they govern the options of the prestige classes available for you later in the game.

Introducing the Basics of Soul Knight Prequel

Stat Points  

When your character levels up, you gain Stat Points that can be allocated to the three basic stats in the character profile. The three different stats are Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), and Intelligence (INT). The Strength affects your Health and attack power.

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The Dexterity governs your speed and the rate at which you avoid the attacks from your opponents. The Intelligence decides your mana regeneration and magical abilities. These basic attributes govern your overall gameplay during combats. 


Skill Points are obtained when you level up. They can be used to upgrade class skills depending on the Starting, Secondary, and Prestige classes you choose in the stages. There are two types of skills: Active and Passive. The active skills deal damage during combats.

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They have cooldown periods and a mana is required to activate the attack. They can be only used when set up in your Skills panel. The passive skills stay permanently effective and allow you to achieve buffs and stat bonuses.


Companions are pets that you can choose in town to battle at your side. The Pets in this game have three behavioral nodes that respectively focus on Aggressive attacks, retrieving Loot, or staying Defensive. You must choose a pet that best suits your needs in battles.

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Completing adventures together or treating them with fruits helps you form a bond with your pet. As your bond becomes stronger, pets can learn additional Companion Skills at the Bell Merchant. Some unique pets come with their own set of Talents. Having a pet by your side can help you fight better against the monsters.

Quest Map

The Quest Map can be located from the Teleportation structure beside your Chapterhouse. Several Quest locations are displayed on the map. You can access your mission for a particular location from the quest map. Initially, you can explore the Southern Steppes and the Bulrush Marshes.

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Once these two locations are conquered fully, their surrounding area dungeons will be unlocked. One thing is to be kept in mind that the party level of your character must be suitably high when matched with a dungeon’s requirements. Only then can you access the location.

Multiplayer System

Soul Knight Prequel inhabits a Multiplayer mode that can be joined from the main menu or by locating the Partyfinder’s Bulletin beside the Guild house in your hometown. In the multiplayer mode, you can team up with other players from across the world to clear instances in the dungeons. A multiplayer party can have only up to four members. The system inhabits three options to involve in a party:

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  • Quickmatch – This option matches you with random players worldwide to participate in the party.
  • Join Room – This option allows you to join a dungeon instance via an invitation code. 
  • Create Room – This Option enables you to create a new dungeon instance. Other players can access your room via an invite code provided to them.

The buffs gathered in multiplayer mode are shared among the allies of the party. If you are facing trouble in clearing a dungeon stage or you wish to pick up the loot at a faster rate, you can invite other players for their assistance using this mode.

Soul Knight Prequel Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose a Top-tier Class

Classes in this game serve as one of the major pillars. The character class you pick for yourself highly matters as different sets of skills have diverse effects in the course of quests or combats. As you go deeper into the storyline, the initial class you choose dictates what secondary or prestige classes are accessible to you further. To ensure your victory, it is always advisable to pick a higher-tier class. To learn about the top classes, follow our class tier list for Soul Knight Prequel. 

2. Upgrade your Character

As your character fights against the monsters in dungeons, they gain XPs that level them up. After your character levels up, they receive Stat Points as rewards. You can locate them in the profile section in the top left corner of the screen. The basic stats of your character such as STR, DEX, and INT can be enhanced by allocating the respective Stat Points to them. Upgrading ensures better performance and a chance of victory against the Boss monsters in the dungeons. 

3. Keep an Eye for Fatebound Nodes

Every piece of equipment in the game has three properties: Stats, Fatebound Effect, and Modifiers. The equipment effect or the Fatebound effect arises from the synergy of different Fatebound Items that are linked to Fatebound Nodes. When you equip two or more items that have the same Fatebound Nodes, the Fatebound effect becomes active. 

Soul Knight Prequel Fatebound nodes
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Hence, it is recommended to wear pieces of gear having the same node. This upgrades the effect by increasing the defensive mechanism of your character. With an improved mechanism, you will be able to take great damage and sustain your enemies’ attacks.

4. Complete Daily Quests

Daily Quests can be located on the map in the Guild house of your village. These are managed by an NPC character known as Ole Sheriff. You can witness the guild taskboard where the guild assigns daily quests for its knights. After accepting the daily tasks, you’ll be given a piece in your inventory explaining the details of your quests. You must accept these tasks whenever they are available. These provide you with valuable items such as Gems and Chest Keys, used widely in the game. 

5. Pick Items while Exploration

While exploring in the dungeons, don’t leave items on your way. Make sure to pick the coins or any kind of equipment you receive. If you find some of the items useless or your inventory has no space later on in the game, it is advisable to sell or dismantle them in shops. You are certain to obtain gold or enhancement materials useful for upgrading your equipment. It is always better to get something in return for the useless materials instead of dropping them off.

Final Thoughts

Soul Knight Prequel takes place before the events of Soul Knight and offers a better experience in various aspects. It has a detailed storyline added with a stroke of cute characters and challenging quests that keep you entertained throughout your gameplay. Also, the handful of options for classes helps you test different skills and abilities while fighting the monsters. Through our Soul Knight Prequel Beginners Guide, we have majorly conveyed all the details of this ARPG game. You can always revert back and have a look at our piece if facing any confusion. 

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