Sky Fortress: Odyssey Beginners Guide and Tips 

Sky Fortress: Odyssey is an extraordinary cards-based casual game where the players get to see a lot of amazing in-game features, and strong characters, along with an interesting storyline to follow. The game has a single mode that follows a particular story throughout the journey. The characters in the game are quite fascinating and each and every character makes a great bond with the game’s two main characters. For now, let us just know this much and move towards the detailed Sky Fortress: Odyssey Beginners Guide from our end for all the newcomers out here. 

Gameplay Overview 

Sky Fortress: Odyssey follows an automated type of gameplay where the characters fight against all their opponents on their own. Players do not have to shoot or go under a combat session with their opponents by tapping any sort of button or anything. Players must choose the type of gesture they want to follow in the game.

This is so because Sky Fortress: Odyssey is a 2D game and the characters can counter the enemy attacks by jumping or sliding from the coming gunshots. Thus players get to choose 2 options; Buttons, or Swipes. The button options will have two arrows; Up and Down. This will help the players to make their characters jump upwards or downwards. 


The Swipe option will have some gestures such as swiping upwards, and downwards respectively. This will also help the characters to counter the attacks coming from the enemy side. Players can create a proper lineup of characters in the game that will help them clear stages very easily. Thus, players can create a lineup of 5 Heroes at a time and change as per the Quality of the Heroes. Just like all other storyline games, players can see several stages divided into different locations. Thus players need to go through all of them to complete the storyline. 


Players will earn lots of in-game resources and EXP points after they complete all the sets of stages and chapters. These in-game resources help a lot in progressing such as upgrading the Heroes, Summoning them, and many other aspects that create a huge impact on the progression part. Thus now let us move on to the basics of Sky Fortress: Odyssey and know about them in detail. 

Introducing the Basics of Sky Fortress: Odyssey 


World is the main game section of Sky Fortress: Odyssey. Over this section, players can check for the locations where they need to go and complete the stages of the following chapters. This will thus help the players to go ahead on the path of the storyline and enjoy the ultimate adventure of the 5 Heroes. Players will earn lots of in-game resources such as Silver Coin, Stamina, and Aethyrine for completing the stages. 



Cabin is the main vehicle and thus it helps the players to travel from one location to another over the World. Cabin has several other sections in it and thus this helps the players gain some amazing resources as well. All the sections unlock after players clear the particular stage of a chapter. By this, players can get a lot of EXPs, and hence players can easily progress in the game. 


Hero is the segment where the players get to see all the locked and unlocked Heroes in the game. Here players can easily check out all the stats and skills of all the powerful players. Players can even check out the Quality, Level, and Class of the Heroes that help the players to signify and make a great lineup. Players can also upgrade the Heroes by following these easy steps:

  • Open the game and move to the Hero section.
  • Then select the particular Hero that needs to be upgraded. 
  • After that, tap on the Advance option and then Tap on the Advance button again. 

Thus by following this, players can easily upgrade their Heroes. To upgrade the Heroes, players need some Silver Coins. Thus, save up silver coins and upgrade the heroes easily. 



The Recruit section is the place where Heroes can be summoned quite easily. Recruiting heroes is one of the most important aspects of the game and thus players need to go through this segment regularly. For recruiting Heroes, players need to use Invitation, which is an in-game resource used for recruiting heroes. So save up invitations and summon more heroes regularly. 



Lineup is the area where the players can set up their 5 man squad. Players can easily check out all the heroes and then make a great team for their voyage. Thus go through this section and make an ultimate team to conquer well. 



The Bag is the area where players can see all in-game resources. Players can even utilize easily directly from the section and progress further in the game. 

Sky Fortress: Odyssey Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Create a Strong and Formidable Lineup 

Players must create a robust lineup with all the heroes they have. There are three classes and thus players must select five Heroes out of those three classes. So select the best five Heroes and enter the journey full of literal ups and downs. 

2. Go through the Chapters and Stages

Players must complete the chapters and then go through all the stages of the game. This will help the players to progress faster in the game. Completing the stages helps earn lots of in-game resources too, so save them up and invest in various important aspects of the game. 

3. Keep Summoning more Heroes

Recruiting heroes is an ultimate part of the game and thus players need to do it more often. For recruiting the heroes, players need to have Invitations, this helps them to recruit heroes under the Recruit section. So go for recruiting more heroes and summon the strongest of all.

4. Upgrade only the Best Heroes

Players need to keep upgrading the heroes who are permanent in their Lineup. Upgrading heroes requires a certain amount of Silver Coins and thus players need to do it after a regular interval of time so that the overall strength of the team increases. 

5. Dodge the Attacks precisely 

Dodge the attacks coming from the enemies. This will help the heroes to sustain themselves easily and complete the stages. For that, master the swiping gestures or the button systems to catch the coming attacks. 

Final Thoughts 

Sky Fortress: Odyssey provides a wide range of in-game features alongside one of the best gameplay experiences as well. Players will have an amazing time with this amazing piece on their device. Thus follow up our detailed Sky Fortress: Odyssey and jump into the amazing chaotic world to have an interesting story to share along with your friends.

That’s all from us for Sky Fortress: Odyssey RPG Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Sky Fortress: Odyssey Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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