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RIYADH: The World Energy Council has announced that the Saudi capital Riyadh will host the 27th World Energy Congress, which is set to take place in 2026 from Oct. 26-29.

The congress is at the Riyadh Front Center, strategically located in the heart of the capital and at the center of one of the world’s most important energy regions.

The location was chosen following a highly competitive bidding process which was open to all the council’s more than 70 national member committees, representing more than 3,000 organizations across the energy ecosystem.

The World Energy Congress, the world’s most prestigious, inclusive and influential energy event, has helped drive energy transitions forward for more than a century by bringing together stakeholders representing energy interests from all corners of the world.

Saudi Minister of Energy Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said: “Saudi Arabia is pleased to have been awarded the opportunity to host the World Energy Congress 2026 at this important moment in global energy.

“As a century-old gathering, the World Energy Congress holds a special place in the calendars of world energy leaders (as) it brings together the full range of stakeholders from energy producers through to consumers and all points in between, as the Kingdom strives to achieve the sustainability objectives of Vision 2030.

“Congress participants can expect a world-class congress accompanied by a warm Saudi welcome.”

The event will bring together more than 500 speakers, in excess of 70 ministers, and over 7,000 international energy stakeholders.

The World Energy Congress unifies sectors, geographies, and systems to help generate a more equitable energy transition.

Mike Howard, the chair of the World Energy Council’s Officers’ Council, said: “Saudi Arabia’s competitive bid clearly showcased their strategic vision for the World Energy Congress experience, which includes strong institutional and government support.

“The 27th World Energy Congress will celebrate the heritage of the event with Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision for the future of energy in today’s changing world.”

Angela Wilkinson, the secretary-general and CEO of the World Energy Council, congratulated the Kingdom on its successful bid to host the 2026 edition.

She added: “Energy transitions are too important to be left to the energy sector alone (and) collaborations are required across all energy interests, and that is where the congress excels.

“The World Energy Council’s global community, combined with the Kingdom’s visionary leadership, will ensure that the 27th World Energy Congress will compel world energy leadership in making faster, fairer and more far-reaching energy transitions emerge.”

Saudi Arabia will officially become the host of the congress following the upcoming 26th World Energy Congress, which takes place in Rotterdam in April and at which the Kingdom will host a country pavilion.

Following that event, the meeting moves to a two-year cycle.

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