Reverse: 1999 Tier List for December 2023

Reverse: 1999 is a new time-travel fantasy RPG meticulously crafted by Bluepoch. Within this immersive world, a diverse character selection awaits. As you begin this adventure, it commences with the guidance of Regulus and Sonetto as the primary protagonists. As the narrative unfolds, the game introduces a cadre of additional characters or Arcanists. This Character Tier List for Reverse: 1999, which was made after playing the game for a significant amount of time, is dedicated to spotlighting the best and most useful arcanists categorized by element type, underscoring their individual strengths.

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Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List: Best and Most Powerful Characters Ranked

For added simplicity, we’ve divided the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This classification will provide you with a clear understanding of each character’s potential and help you form a well-balanced and effective team composition for their adventure.

Tiers Mineral Beast Plant Star Spirit Intelligence
Strong (S) Eternity,
Ms. Newbabel,
Medicine Pocket,
Druvis III,
An-an Lee,
Baby Blue
A Knight,
Good (A) Necrologist,
Balloon Party
Oliver Fog, Click, X
Average (B) Mondlicht,
Ms. Moissan,
Nick Bottom,
Bunny Bunny,
Darley Clatter
La Source
The Fool,
aliEn T,
Twins Sleep,
Ms. Radio
Mesmer Jr.,
John Titor,

After dedicating numerous hours to the game, we’ve compiled a tier list that categorizes characters based on their rarity and elements within the game. The above tier list is designed to assist you as you embark on your journey, aiding them in selecting the most advantageous characters for your team.

Continuing with the tier list, our goal is to identify the top characters within each tier and element, as outlined in the previous table. With a pool of approximately 50 characters available for you to gather and enlist in battles, the choices are abundant.

Every character offers distinct attributes, and the game excels in presenting a broad array of options. Introducing elemental factors that further amplify the selection process, rendering this list subjective. The effectiveness of characters can vary based on individual gameplay preferences, ensuring that different people may find certain characters more beneficial than others.

Best Mineral Character – Eternity

Reverse: 1999 character Eternity is a Mineral-type element character with a 6-star rating. She serves as the Main DPS, focusing on using a portion of her own HP to deal higher damage. Eternity possesses a distinctive skill set called Nasty Wound, which lets her weaken enemies by reducing their healing and applying debuffs.

Reverse 1999 Eternity Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List
Image via Bluepoch

Her ability to significantly enhance Leech’s rate further elevates her desirability for this role. This makes her the strongest Mineral Character in Reverse: 1999 as of the moment.

Best Beast Character – Medicine Pocket

Medicine Pocket is a 6-star Beast-type character in Reverse 1999. Notably, this character excels as a premier support option, showcasing a wide range of versatile abilities including healing, debuffing, and control.

Reverse 1999 Medicine Pocket Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List
Image via Bluepoch

Thanks to its remarkable adaptability, Medicine Pocket seamlessly integrates into diverse team compositions, establishing a pivotal role in strategic gameplay. This makes him the best Beast Character in Reverse: 1999 at the moment.

Best Plant Character – An-an Lee

An-an Lee is a 6-star Plant-type character in Reverse: 1999. She acts as a strong support with added DPS assistance. Her core role revolves around boosting team damage as a buffer and providing crucial Incantation support – a standout ability that enhances the card’s star level.

Reverse 1999 An an Lee Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List
Image via Bluepoch

Her skill in reducing allies’ damage further solidifies her as a top choice among Plant-type characters at the moment.

Best Star Character – Lilya

Lilya is a 6-star character of the Star Type element in Reverse: 1999. She stands as a formidable Burst DPS character, wielding explosive abilities and potent multipliers. She also thrives on boosting her damage output through critical hits, a key factor in her Burst damage potential.

Reverse 1999 Lilya Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List
Image via Bluepoch

Her capacity for delivering substantial AoE DPS positions her as the most powerful Star-type element character in Reverse: 1999 at the moment.

Best Intelligence Character – X

X is a 5-star character of the Intelligence type element. Among Intelligence characters, X is currently the top choice due to the lack of better alternatives. While X may not be the absolute best across all elements, he fulfills the role of an Intelligence element character effectively when needed.

Reverse 1999 X Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List
Image via Bluepoch

It’s hoped that more Intelligent characters will emerge in the future. As of now, X holds the position of the strongest Intelligence character.

Best Spirit Character – A Knight

A Knight is a 6-star character of the Spirit type element in Reverse: 1999. He serves as a strong versatile DPS option mainly for his element. He offers damage utility to the team by boosting his moxie and delivering substantial damage bonuses through his ultimate ability.

Reverse 1999 A Knight Reverse: 1999 Character Tier List
Image via Bluepoch

Currently, he stands out as the optimal pick among Spirit-type element characters in Reverse: 1999 at the moment.

Final Thoughts

The character tier list in Reverse: 1999 not only enhances strategic depth but also offers players a comprehensive framework for character selection and team-building. By categorizing characters according to their rarity and elemental affiliations, this list provides valuable insights into the game’s mechanics, enabling players to assemble teams that synergize well for combat scenarios.

With a wide array of approximately 50 characters distributed across six distinct elemental types, the interplay between these elements becomes a focal point for both strategy and decision-making. The elemental system within Reverse: 1999 elevates gameplay by introducing a dynamic layer of strengths and weaknesses. As each element has its own set of advantages and vulnerabilities against others, players are challenged to make well-balanced teams that can adapt to various encounters.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 tier list? Let us know in the comments below!

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