Retro Bowl Beginners Guide and Tips

Retro Bowl is a Rugby sports simulation game that is both available for Android and iOS It is one of the top-rated games out there that provide players with a combination of both retro and mobile and arcade feel when it comes to playing football. Here is a Retro Bowl guide that is perfect for beginners and a few tips to get players, both fans or not, started with their new favorite football game.

Gameplay overview

This game can help players learn about the basics of football especially at the tutorial stage of the game. Not only does the game allow you to play more from an offensive point of view, but you can also indulge yourself in a general manager mode. This would allow players to take control of a team and try their best to bring them to a coveted championship.

The game itself can be a bit technical and based on decision-making. But that is one of the thrills when it comes to playing football in the real world as well. The game sharpens players’ decision-making and also makes it enjoyable while being able to have players play on their mobile phones.

Retro Bowl Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Take time to learn through the Tutorial

Lots of sports games out there come with tutorials at the beginning of the game itself. And with that, lots of players tend to skip the tutorial as it seems to be a bit tedious to them. This, however, may not be the case for Retro Bowl. The tutorial does offer a lot and all the basics of the gameplay, but from there, it would be good if players tried to finish out the tutorial before moving on to the real games.

Retro Bowl tutorial
Retro Bowl tutorial

Now it may be confusing for players but it can offer much more and make things easier. And for players who might have a hard time with the controls, the tutorial can also provide easy-to-understand instructions so that they may have it much easier moving forward.

The tutorial will cover passing, running, and even more for players to get more comfortable. It would require a bit more technicality when it comes to passing, but that would be for accurate and faster passing for the players’ teams to get the much-needed win.

2. Run the ball in certain situations

There would be lots of times that it might be easier and better if players would use the option to run the football on certain plays. Once players have gotten past the tutorial stage, running can be quite easy and can also prove to be one of the most effective plays on the field. Of course, some players may not be as quick or have high ratings as the rest but the player would be the one making the plays and eventually the win.

 Stiff arm
Stiff arm

Running can be quite easy and a game-changer once players have gotten used to the juke move. The juke move will also be taught in the tutorial and players can use this well in all of their games. If the chance calls for it, it can be used more than often and especially if the player’s teams are higher in the ratings as well.

It would also be a great option to run the ball if the goal line would be around ten yards. It would be risky to go for a passing play at this point. Players can feel more ease and confidence at this distance and can make sure they go for an easy touchdown. It gets even easier if players could belt out that one juke move for a game-changing touchdown.

3. Work on the Passing lanes and vision

Other than running, passing can always be one of the catalysts when it comes to football. It may seem a bit tough at times but of course, players can always use this mechanic to cover more range and score easier touchdowns.

Passing lane
Passing lane

Passing the ball is always fun and can make huge plays for any team, but it would require quick thinking too. There will be readied plays that will be called for players and their team so it may be beneficial to work on passing when it would be possible. Just like many Madden games on consoles, the passing routes are already determined as well. Players can choose where the quarterback would then pass the ball. The tutorial will also cover this mechanic and players just have to focus on aiming while the rest would be running into position for the catch.

An easy tip for this would be for players not to worry so much about the positioning as the ball is in the air. As long as players would get the pass out closer to the initial destination of the route, it would be more than likely that the wide receiver would still make the catch. This is definitely the easiest way to go when players want to go for easier touchdowns. With enough practice and a few games, players will get the hang of it and may end up getting touchdown after touchdown.

4. Choose wisely in the Draft

Just like in lots of sports games, there is the option to go for a career-like mode. Just like in Madden games, players can take control of a team and go for a season from start to finish. Now when talking about the start of a season, that also means that the draft is included. Lots of sports fans are familiar with how much a draft pick could make all the difference in their favorite teams. This is also true with Retro Bowl.

The game will take players into a draft like in Madden. From there, players would follow how a regular draft would work. There would always be lots of stars and potential stars within the draft. It is the players’ duty to see which player would be the best pick for their teams. Players can always feel free to go for the strongest ones they see. Of course, there are a few stats to make sure of and other factors that could affect the decisions made. Players should be wary to fill out positions where their team would be lacking and also make sure they can also get good drafts while it would be early on.

Retro Bowl Draft
Draft in Retro Bowl

Players can always check their rosters before coming to a decision and make the best one possible. And with that, players can also check the attributes of their current players so they could fill up anything else lacking. Players won’t necessarily need to use a pick to get another great quarterback when they already have one. That is just an example but can also be used to trade for other players that could potentially fill up players’ needed roles on the team. All this boils down to the decision-making and prowess of the player as it requires a bit of management as well. Players should also make sure of the cap room or cap space they have. They might not be able to make any good draft picks if they go over the supposed limit.

Another great tip to remember is that there is always the possibility of encountering a diamond in the rough. Some draft rounds can have those rare picks that go for low or far in the draft. And with that, these picks are already great. Just like in real life, these picks were just projected a bit low but can really provide the boost that a team might need. This has been the case for lots of teams and it would be no exception if players could experience it too. Be sure to keep an eye out for those picks!

5. Bolster the team whenever there is a chance

Retro Bowl does not shy away from being a simulation game in any way. What it does best is create an experience where players can feel like they are a part of the action in every aspect. And with that, Retro Bowl gives players the option to also control a team and buildup a dynasty from the get-go. Quite similar to Madden, players go through a draft and can play out games when scheduled. Just like a lot of great teams and dynasties, players will also get their chance to do so. There would be a lot of factors to consider when starting and moving forward with teams. But one crucial factor would be the team itself and the member of the player’s team.

There will be players who are born with a talent to manage a virtual team and some would not be. For players still starting out and learning the ropes, they could stick with their main team and get better with it. Chances for players’ teams would only get better with time as the game would be providing instances for trades that could also benefit the player.

free agents
Free agents

These trades may be rare but could easily improve a team’s chances of winning and staying on top. Players also have the option to make their own trades that can work to their advantage. And if trades are not working out, players could also look to sign some key players from the free-agent pool. Considering the salary cap, players can get other key players that can help bolster up their lineup.

Retro Bowl could be similar to a more mobile version of the Madden series. It has shown great promise and gameplay while being quick to rise. Be sure to check out more about Retro Bowl and come back to this beginners guide and see what players can do to build up their dynasty.

That’s all for today’s Retro Bowl beginners guide. Did you find our Retro Bowl beginners guide helpful? 

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