Py to Apk || How to create Android Application using Python

In this video we will discuss how to convert python file to apk file or simply how to create android application using python
time stamp
00:00 : Video Intro
01:35 : installing oracle virtualbox on windows || installing ubuntu on virtual machine
08:44 : Installing buildozer on virtual machine || installing buildozer on linux ubuntu || buildozer python installation
09:31 : Installing cython on linux || cython install on virtualbox
11:11 : downloading github repo on virtual machine
14:14 : buildozer build apk

download ubuntu :
download oracle :

Commands to copy
sudo apt-get install git libssl-dev cython3

problem with cython

cd /bin/ && sudo gedit cython
Write ‘cython3 $@’ and save

sudo chmod 755 cython

git clone

sudo apt install -y git zip unzip openjdk-8-jdk python3-pip autoconf libtool pkg-config zlib1g-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev libtinfo5 cmake libffi-dev

cd buildozer/
sudo python3 install

buildozer init

make changes in spec file
(internet enable, orientation etc )

buildozer android debug

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