Pokémon Go: Best Moveset and Counters for Shadow Porygon

Shadow Porygon is a Tier 3 Shadow Raid Boss in Pokémon Go. Shadow Raids are a special type of raid where you can fight against Shadow Pokémon and also have a chance to catch them if you beat them successfully. Shadow Porygon is a virtual Pokémon that is based on a 3D animation model and is created out of polygons that look similar to a duck. As it is a Shadow Pokémon, it will be incredibly hard to defeat and you will need the absolute best counters to defeat it. So in this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to talk about the best ways and strategies using which you’ll be able to defeat Shadow Porygon in the best way possible.

Shadow Porygon in Pokémon Go

Shadow Porygon is a pure-type Normal Pokémon with a maximum CP of 1944 at level 50. It is vulnerable to only Fighting-type attacks. It will be pretty hard to defeat Shadow Porygon even though it is a Tier 3 raid as during Shadow Raids, the Pokémon become more powerful as more time passes. You will need to have your best counters in hand along with Shadow Shards and Purified Gems, to have a chance at winning this raid.

Shadow Porygon Moveset

Pokémon Go Shadow Porygon Moveset
Image via Niantic

The best moves from the moveset of Tackle and Hyper Beam. They deal a damage of 12.16 per second and a total damage of 189. It is also the best combination of moves that can be used in both Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Other decent attacks from its move pool include Hidden Power, Charge Beam, Solar Beam, and Zap Cannon.

Best counters against Shadow Porygon in Pokémon Go

Here’s the list of the best counters that you can use against Shadow Porygon and guarantee a win for yourself.

  • Rayquaza (Mega): Dragon Tail/Dragon Ascent
  • Blaziken (Mega): Counter/Focus Blast
  • Terrakion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Keldeo (Ordinary): Low Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Lucario: Counter/Aura Sphere
  • Alakazam (Mega): Counter/Focus Blast
  • Conkeldurr: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lopunny (Mega): Double Kick/Focus Blast
  • Groudon (Primal): Mud Shot/Precipice Blades
  • Cobalion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Machamp: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Virizion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Buzzwole: Counter/Superpower
  • Pheromosa: Low Kick/Focus Blast
  • Breloom: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Garchomp (Mega): Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Hawlucha: Low Kick/Flying Press
  • Zapdos (Galarian): Counter/Close Combat
  • Meloetta (Pirouette): Low Kick/Close Combat
  • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail/Dragon Ascent
  • Kyogre (Primal): Waterfall/Origin Pulse
  • Gengar (Mega): Sucker Punch/Focus Blast
  • Blaziken: Counter/Focus Blast
  • Sceptile (Mega): Fury Cutter/Frenzy Plant
  • Tyranitar (Mega): Bite/Brutal Swing
  • Pinsir (Mega): Fury Cutter/Superpower
  • Passimian: Counter/Superpower
  • Latios (Mega): Dragon Breath/Psychic
  •  Bewear: Low Kick/Superpower
Pokémon Go Shadow Porygon counters
Image via Niantic

While fighting against Shadow Porygon, you should try to avoid Partly Cloudy weather and they provide a boost to it. Also, try to bring your highest-level counters against it as it is a Shadow Pokémon and low-level counters won’t suffice against it.

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