Monster Hunter Now Review: Catching Monsters can get monotonous very quickly

Monster Hunter Now is an action role-playing game developed by Niantic, the makers of world-famous mobile game Pokemon Go. The mechanics of the game are mostly similar to that of Pokemon Go, just some of the aspects are different otherwise players can actually witness how similar both the games are. Thus, let us jump into the world of monsters and get into detail with our Monster Hunter Now Review.

Travel across your locality and hunt down Monsters near you 

Just like Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now comes up with the exact same mechanics. Players have to turn on their locations and internet network, and after this players have to scan out their entire fixed radius in the game around the player’s locality. This area searches out for all the small and big monsters present around the players and then by tapping on them players can hunt them down.

Image via Niantic

The main twist in this game is that players have to fight against the monsters with some weapons and defeat them. This is the only way by which players can defeat monsters and collect them. Also, players can level up in the game in this way itself. There are certain tasks as well, namely Urgent Quests which search for the big monsters.

Players can then fight with all those big monsters and collect them. This eventually helps them to collect HR EXP points that help the players to level up. In comparison with Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now has a similar set of gameplay experiences but lags behind in some interesting aspects which might later reduce the interest of the players towards the game. 

Leveling up is quite easy in the game

Monster Hunter Now has chapters assigned for the players while they play. Every chapter has a certain number of quests assigned to the players. Players have to go through all those quests and complete them to progress further in the game and level up as well. This way of leveling up in the game is the only way players can opt for and hence the process of leveling up is quite easy. 

This might look very cool to the players at the beginning as leveling up is so easy but later players might lose interest as they have to do the same quests again and again for several chapters and thus this will eventually lead to the loss of interest of the players towards the game. 

Monster Hunter Now Niantic Capcom, Monster Hunter Now
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Monster Hunter Now lacks a lot of in-game features 

As our Monster Hunter Now Review says, the game lags behind a lot on the aspects of in-game features. The game has very less options on the verge of in-game features which is actually a drawback for the players. The only thing players can do is complete some quests, hunt down monsters, and unlock and upgrade weapons.

Compared to Pokemon Go, this game does not have much of an interest-building aspect in itself which will actually make the players stay loyal to this particular game for a very long time. So, if you are new to Monster Hunter Now, you might start losing interest after a few weeks. 

Controls are user-friendly however the graphics are average

Monster Hunter Now comes up with very easy controls for the players which is a key point to focus on while the players play this game. Players have to just tap on the screen to attack the monsters, tap and hold to defend against the attack coming from the monsters, and swipe in the left or right direction will let the character dodge the monster’s attacks.

Image via Niantic

By this players can easily understand how easy the controls of this game are and thus players will not take much time to understand it. An easy set of controls also holds a great disadvantage as after w certain time, players will get habituated with these easy controls and thus later on they will find it quite boring because the only thing players have to do is tap, hold, and swipe. 

But a set of easy controls will not satisfy the players if the graphics are not that great. Compared to some of the great games present under this category or some of the newly launched ones as well, the graphics are not at all up to the mark. The gameplay UI and graphics are not that attractive as well and this plays a great role in letting the players lose interest in the game as well. 

IAPs exist but you don’t need them to track down Monsters

By completing the quests, players can easily earn the main in-game resources such as Zenny, Gems, Health Kits, Iron Ores, and HR EXPs. These are considered the most important in-game currencies and resources in the game. The best part is that players can easily get them in a very huge amount by completing quests and collecting rewards from the Gathering Points in the game which are located at certain locations. 

Monster Hunter now gameplay
Image via Niantic

As these resources are very easy to get in the game, players do not have to spend all the hard-earned money in the Store section to buy all these in-game currencies and resources. So, the main conclusion is that there are options for IAPs in the game but it is better if the players do not opt for that as they will be receiving all the resources and currencies for free from the game via very easy steps only. 

Final Verdict 

Monster Hunter Now is a decent game if the players want to give it a try or see something different presented by Niantic. But compared to other games of this same category or Pokemon Go, which is developed by the same company, this game is not that great to be even called an average one.

Players who love Pokemon Go or any other game of this category might get disappointed with this one. Thus follow up our Monster Hunter Now Review properly but in the end, every opinion is from our side and some of the players might even like this game as well, so go ahead and make the right decision for your leisure time.

Gameplay Mechanics – 6

Storyline – 5

Graphics and Music – 6

Controls and UI – 6

Free-to-Play Elements – 6



Monster Hunter Now is a decent game if you are fan of Monster Hunter series or want see something different presented by Niantic other than Pokemon GO. But compared to other games of this genre, this game may be a little disappointing

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