Miracland Saga is a fantasy MMORPG title that enters early access for Android in selected regions

Miracland Saga is a Fantasy MMORPG game by Netdragon Websoft which is well known for its other games like Heroes Arise and Heroes Evolved. Miracland Saga is now available for Android devices in early access in the Philipines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. A fascinating journey awaits you as you step into the shoes of the inheritor of Apocalypse, entering from a mysterious space in the magical world of Miracland.

Extraordinary adventures await you in Miracland Saga

Miracland is more than simply a game but it’s a portal to a wide range of life events! Dive into a realm of tech-magic enchantment, where hidden mysteries and infinite fun await. Explore fascinating and breathtaking environments, meet incredible creatures and characters, and become immersed in thrilling stories and missions. Every explorer will find plenty of opportunities in Miracland’s boundless universe.

Miracland Saga early access
Image via Netdragon Websoft

Legendary spirits await your summons as formidable companions! In epic fights, summon mighty entities such as Athena, Hella, Valkyrie, and others to your side. Uncover the mysteries that await you and overcome the challenges offered by the Seven Plagues that threaten to devour Terria.

Choose your path in Miracland, where each class offers a unique experience. Whether you like the might of a Warrior, the enigmatic art of prophecy as an Oracle, the manipulation of dual elemental magic as a Bi-Star, or the soulful boxing abilities of a Mystic, each character class adds a unique flavor to the journey.

Life in Miracland is about more than just fighting; it’s about enjoying a wide range of recreational activities. To improve your life skills, try fishing, cooking, or herb collecting. While having fun, gather numerous things that can help you on your epic journey.

Miracland Saga is currently available for Android users from select regions including the Philipines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia to download from the Google Play Store. The release for iOS devices and the Global release date have not yet been confirmed.

Are you excited as Miracland Saga enters early access for Android in selected regions? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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