Jane Kanehl car accident: Xerox Business Consulting technical director Jane Kanehl died in the accident

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A devastating car accident in a Wegmans parking lot in Perinton, NY has resulted in the untimely death of Jane Kanehl, an esteemed Engineering Manager at Xerox Business Consulting. The incident occurred when a vehicle entering a parking space collided with Kanehl just moments after she had stepped out of her car. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, Kanehl’s injuries proved fatal, leaving her colleagues and loved ones in shock and grief.

The investigation conducted by authorities revealed that sun glare was a contributing factor to the accident, ruling out the involvement of drugs, alcohol, or excessive speed. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of remaining vigilant even in seemingly mundane situations.

Jane Kanehl Car Accident

The tragic car accident involving Jane Kanehl occurred on November 30 at approximately 10:33 a.m. at the Wegmans parking lot on Pittsford Palmyra Road in Perinton, NY. The incident resulted in the untimely death of Jane Kanehl, a 63-year-old resident of Victor.

Incident Details

According to eyewitnesses and law enforcement officials, Jane Kanehl had just stepped out of her vehicle when she was struck by another car that was entering a parking space. Emergency medical services (EMS) promptly arrived at the scene and provided immediate aid to Jane before transporting her to the hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of medical professionals, Jane Kanehl passed away at 10:21 a.m. the following day.

Victim Identified

Jane Kanehl, an accomplished Engineering Manager at Xerox Business Consulting, was a beloved member of the community. Her sudden and tragic demise has left her family, friends, and colleagues devastated. Jane’s dedication to her work and her warm personality will be deeply missed by all who knew her.

Contributing Factors


After a thorough investigation, law enforcement officials determined that sun glare played a significant role in the accident. The driver involved in the incident fully cooperated with the authorities, and it was confirmed that neither drugs, alcohol, nor excessive speed were contributing factors. The unfortunate collision serves as a reminder of the importance of exercising caution and being mindful of environmental conditions while operating a vehicle.

Crash at Wegmans Parking Lot

A distressing incident occurred at the Wegmans parking lot, resulting in a collision that left a lasting impact on those involved. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and safety while navigating parking areas.

Time and Location

The crash took place on a fateful day at the Wegmans parking lot on Route 31 in Perinton. It happened shortly after 10:30 a.m., when the bustling parking lot was filled with shoppers going about their daily routines. The timing of the incident added to the shock and urgency of the situation.

Driver and Witness Statements

Accounts from both the driver and witnesses shed light on the sequence of events leading up to the collision. According to their statements, the driver was in the process of maneuvering their vehicle into a parking spot when the unthinkable happened. Tragically, a pedestrian, who had just exited her own vehicle, was struck by the car. The suddenness of the incident left everyone involved in a state of disbelief and shock.

Condition of the Victim

Emergency medical services (EMS) responded swiftly to the scene, providing immediate care to the victim. Despite their best efforts, the victim’s condition was critical, and she was transported to the hospital for further treatment. The incident left a somber atmosphere, as the community hoped for a miraculous recovery. Unfortunately, the victim’s injuries proved to be fatal, leaving a void in the lives of those who knew her.

Tragedy struck at a Wegmans parking lot in Perinton, NY, as Jane Kanehl, an engineering manager at Xerox Business Consulting, lost her life in a car accident. The incident occurred when a vehicle entering a parking space hit Jane shortly after she had gotten out of her car. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, she passed away the following day. The driver cooperated with the investigation, and it was determined that sun glare was a contributing factor, ruling out drugs, alcohol, and speed as causes. Our thoughts go out to Jane Kanehl’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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