Idle Keeper: AFK Univer RPG Beginners Guide and Tips 

Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG is an outstanding action-based RPG that has recently placed its feet over the world of the mobile game industry. The game has a single story divided into 10 chapters along with some stages and bosses. Players can also summon some of the great sets of heroes and even upgrade them to make them much stronger. Thus, here is our detailed Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG beginners guide for newcomers to learn and execute the ideas for their betterment. 

Gameplay Overview 

Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG follows a very smooth automated action gameplay UI, which means players do not have to struggle and fight against all the bosses and their troops. Players have to select a team of 5 Heroes. After this, all 5 heroes will start fighting against the odds, and players can check that over the lobby page itself. Players get an option, Auto Skill.

Turning on this option will let the Heroes use their rage skills on their own, if the players want to contribute a little to the fight, they can turn off that option and tap on the character’s icon when their rage skill is ready. The main game mode continues over the main lobby screen all the time and thus whenever players are offline, the game still continues. 


This leads to earning all the in-game rewards for clearing the stages. Players can easily collect them when they open the game after a long interval of time. Players can proceed further in the game by fighting against the boss of each stage. For that players need to tap on the Boss option present at the top of the game screen.

This will lead the Heroes directly to face the main boss of that particular stage. Defeating it will lead the players to progress into the next stage. By doing so, players can easily complete the storyline including all the chapters and stages. Players will also earn tons of in-game resources which will later help them to upgrade several entities of the Heroes in the game. 

Introducing the Basics of Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG 


The Dungeon is a section where the players can opt for several other game modes apart from the original storyline mode. Here, players get to fight against other real opponents and test their skills at a global level. Dungeon has four different types of game modes under itself:

  • Mafia Vault 
  • Black Hole
  • Interdimensional Space 
  • Valkyrie Bunker 

Thus, players can check out all the types and challenge the opponents according to their stats or level. Players can earn lots of in-game resources in the form of rewards too that will help them to progress at a faster rate. 


The Captain is the section where the players can manage their five-man squad and even upgrade the main character of the team. Players can easily select the Captain of the team by going through the stats of all the best heroes they own.


Players can upgrade the Captain’s stats with the help of Gold coins. This can be done in this section only simply by going to this section and then, players can see the option of upgrading their Captain. 


The Keeper section shows all the unlocked Heroes in a particular game ID. players can even see all the classes upon which all the owned Heroes are divided. Players can even help the Heroes to own some of the great skills from this section simply by tapping on the Set option present below every Hero card players see. Thus, players can easily check out the stats of the heroes and set their team to make it the strongest one. 


Gears is the section where players can check out all the gears they have summoned from the Summon section. Players get to see four types of gears:

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Accessory
  • Relic 

Players can check out the stats of every gear and then select the best one out of all the owned. Players can even upgrade them with the help of Level Stones. Players can easily earn them by playing the story and Dungeon mode respectively. Players have to just go inside the Gear section and there they can directly check out the Level Up option and then use the required Level Stone to upgrade them. 


Summon is the section where the players can easily summon the best set of Heroes and Gears. Players can summon Heroes and Gears with the help of Ruby. Thus players need to save a lot of rubies and then they can easily summon all the best characters and gears.



Skill is the area where players can unlock several types of skills for their characters. To unlock the skills, players need to collect Materials. Thus by having a certain amount of Materials, players can easily unlock them and use them in their team. For now, the game provides access to the Active Skill section only, the Passive Skill section says Coming Soon, and thus players need to wait for a few more days to get its advantage. 

Main Quest 

The Main Quest section can be seen on the left side of the main lobby screen. Players can thus check all the assigned tasks. Completing them will help the players to earn some of the great in-game resources in the form of rewards. Players can also earn lots of EXP points to level up their profile. So try to complete the assigned tasks to have an amazing experience.

Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks 

1. Select only from the best Heroes 

Players need to go through the stats of every hero they unlock and then choose their 5 men wisely. Choosing the best team out of all the heroes players have, will help them conquer victory at every step towards the storyline. Winning leads to earning a lot of in-game rewards and hence players need to make a great team to progress soon. 

2. Summon more Heroes and Resources 

Summoning heroes must be a very important segment for every player. As a beginner, players need to save rubies and summon more heroes and other resources such as gears. This will help them to enhance their team, make it stronger, and claim tons of victories to rule over the roads. 

3. Upgrade your Skills regularly 

Skills must be unlocked and upgraded after a regular interval of time. This leads the heroes to own very strong and great skills beside them. Using these skills helps to wipe out the enemy troops in just a few seconds and clear out stages without any chaos. 

4. Complete the assigned Quests 

Quests are assigned for a reason, and as a beginner players must know and follow that motto. Players must complete the assigned quests, which will help them to earn some great rewards but also progress ahead in the storyline as well. This will help the players enhance their profile and gather some great in-game resources to upgrade all the utilities. 

5. Keep collecting the Rewards 

Collect all the rewards after coming online to the game. The fight continues automatically even if the players are offline. Thus players need to collect the rewards after coming back online and utilise them properly to enhance the necessary utilities for their betterment. 

Final Thoughts 

Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG thus proves its worth and shows how great this game can be. Although it lacks in some aspects but still has some amazing in-game features that hold the players’ interest in the game. Hence, for now, go through the detailed Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG beginners guide from our end and become the real hero in an infiltrated world. Also, don’t miss out on the tips for all the newcomers out there! It has the secret to boost up your journey. 

That’s all from us for Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Idle Keeper: AFK Universe RPG Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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