GamingonPhone Awards 2023 Nominations are open now

It’s that time of the year when we recognize the best in the mobile games industry. Amidst a flurry of announcements, new launches, beta tests, and closures, this year has been brimming with activity for the mobile gaming community. As a part of this vibrant landscape, we are set to uncover and honor the standout performers through our annual GamingonPhone Awards 2023 once again.

Established in 2019, GamingonPhone has been a prominent presence for over four years, providing a continuous stream of news, updates, tips, guides, reviews, and industry insights. Our team boasts extensive experience in the mobile games community, with most members actively engaged in the industry for over a decade, closely following developments in their respective areas of interest. The annual award show hosted by GamingonPhone serves as a testament to the collective passion and dedication exhibited by the entire industry to captivate and entertain audiences. This curated event, shaped by both our team and the community, stands as a celebration of the industry’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

GamingonPhone Awards 2023: The Process

Unlike the previous two years, this year’s award will be conducted in three steps.

1. Nominations (Now – December 8th)

With this announcement, the nominations are open now for GamingonPhone Awards 2023. You can visit the link given below and nominate in all categories. The full list of categories and the criteria for each category have been mentioned below.

2. Finalists and Voting (December 9th – December 24th)

Once the nominations are given by you and the community, we’ll be finalising it and announcing all the finalists. At the same time, the voting will be open for for Players’ Choice Award and you can vote until December 24th!

3. The Awards (December 28th)

From December 25th, our team will be preparing all the results and assets required for the winner announcement! And finally, we’ll announce the winners on December 28th, 2023.

GamingonPhone Awards 2023 Categories

This year we have a total of 15 categories. We have added some new entries to spice things up. Out of these 15 categories, you can give nominations for the first 14 categories. Based on the number of nominations, we’ll shortlist the finalists (announcement on December 9th) and the winners will be chosen by the GamingonPhone editorial team.

For the final category, which is Players’ Choice Game Of The Year, the nominations will be revealed by the GamingonPhone editorial team on December 9th and it will be open for voting until December 24th.

The complete list of categories is as follows,

  1. Game Of The Year: By now, GOTY does not need any explanation I guess. GamingonPhone’s best mobile game of the year that has launched in this calendar year.
  2. On-going Game Of The Year: In this award we recognize the best game that has been getting continuous love and updates from the developer team, making the gameplay experience better than ever. For this, the launch year does not matter.
  3. Indie Game Of The Year: GOTY, but for indie mobile games only! 2023 launch applies.
  4. Premium Game Of The Year (New): Launched in this calendar year, we are here to find the best premium mobile game.
  5. Innovative Game Of The Year (New): Every year we get a lot of innovative games that sometimes go unnoticed! Not anymore, but the launch year needs to be 2023.
  6. Mobile Game Developer Of The Year: Turning a piece of code (and other things) into a fantastic mobile game is definitely a superpower! And here we are, looking for the best one. The game must be launched in 2023 only.
  7. Mobile Game Publisher Of The Year: In addition to the developers, we will also acknowledge the best in mobile game publishing. The 2023 launch year applies.
  8. Mobile Game Community Of The Year (New): Mobile Games give birth to amazing communities! And how about we find the best one? The game launch year does not matter. Games evolve over time, so do the communities.
  9. Apple Arcade Game Of The Year (New): Apple’s own mobile game subscription service is adding a lot of amazing games and in this category, we’ll recognize the best one, launched in 2023 of course.
  10. Netflix Game Of The Year (New): Netflix is slowly making its name in the games service and its time to look at their best one. The 2023 launch is a must.
  11. Visual Spectacle Of The Year (New): Technology is evolving and with that, the gameplay visuals are almost becoming console quality. In this category, we’ll award the best-looking mobile game (considering the performance) that was launched in 2023.
  12. Mobile Game Adaptation Of The Year (New): Video Game to other forms of entertainment and vice versa is a common phenomenon now. And in this category, we’ll award the most iconic mobile game adaption that has happened in 2023.
  13. Most Anticipated Game Of The Year: Upcoming games are a major part of the community hype. And in this category, we’ll recognize the game for which the mobile games community is most hyped.
  14. Mobile Esports Game Of The Year: Esports play a major role in many long-running multiplayer games. And its time we recognize the most impactful mobile esports game for 2023.
  15. Players’ Choice Game Of The Year (New): We nominate, you vote! Yes, this is our first publicly voted award. Must be launched in 2023 only.

And here’s a teaser for GamingonPhone Awards 2023 that will give you a brief about the timeline in less than a minute! We look forward to your nominations and votes.

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