Fortnite promises to bring fan-favorite OG map back in 2024

Fortnite for their Chapter 4 Season 5 brought back their OG map from Chapter 1. The players of the game loved this concept and this made Fortnite witness their biggest ever day for the influx of players which stood at a whopping 44.7 million. The release of the OG map after so many years didn’t only bring back the normal players or new players, but even older players who stopped playing Fortnite a long time ago. Since the Fortnite OG map and season was such a hit amongst the players, Epic Games has decided to bring it back in the future.

Fortnite OG will come back at some point in 2024

The Fortnite OG season ended recently on December 2, 2023, with the start of the BIG BANG event which kind of filled the gap between Fortnite OG and Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Even though most players are excited about what the game has in store for them in the new season, a lot of them were disheartened by the fact that they needed to bid goodbye to their favorite OG map.

But there is good news for you if you were a part of the players who were to see Fortnite OG go away as the makers have decided to bring back the OG map once again because it got so much love from the players. But you will need to wait for some time till you can play on the OG map again as for now Chapter 5 Season 1 is going on and it will come back in 2024.

Whether just the OG map will come back or all the instances of Fortnite OG will in 2024 is not known yet, but even if it’s just the map itself and you were a diehard fan of Chapter 1 the nostalgia will be enough to make you come back and want to play the game again.

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