Fortnite OG: Tips to get Air Strike and how to use them in the game

Fortnite is almost at the end of their very successful Fortnite OG season. During this season we’ve seen the return of the OG map along with various old items from Chapter 1 of Fortnite as well. Items such as the Proximity Grenade, Junk Rift, and more from the previous seasons have made a comeback into the game. One of the items that has now been released in Fortnite OG is the Air Strike. It was first seen in Chapter 1 Season 9 of Fortnite and here’s how you can find and use them in the game.

How to get Air Strike in Fortnite OG

Air Strikes are not found in abundance in Fortnite OG. You will need some luck while looking for it, but once you can acquire it successfully, it can very easily alter the course of the match to your advantage. Supply drops and chests are where Air Strikes can be found with chests being the most common location for them to spawn.

How to get Fortnite OG Air Strike
Image via Epic Games

Air Strikes can also be found as floor loot. You can pick up two of them at once and can keep up to a total of four of them in your inventory at a time in the match.

How to use Air Strike in Fortnite OG

Air Strike is a legendary item that works similarly to a grenade but is way more overpowered when compared to one. Upon throwing an Air Strike at a specific place on the ground, a red circle will appear around it and a total of 20 missiles will fall from the sky in this allocated radius within just two to three seconds.

How to use Fortnite OG Air Strike
Image via Epic Games

An Air Strike will go on for eight whole seconds and deal a player 50 damage per missile, 400 Structure Damage, and 125 DPS. You can use it to destroy buildings very easily as it deals a lot of damage to them and if you want to take out a group of enemies who are stationed at a small area, this can be your go-to weapon as well.

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