Fortnite: List of the Hottest Female Skins in the game

Fortnite releases a huge number of skins with each passing update. Some of them stay in the game forever while some stay for a limited time as a part of some exclusive event. Either way, players often go crazy over most of these skins and complete as many quests and challenges or even buy them from the Item Shop by spending money. Such is the craze of the various skins released by Epic Games. A lot of skins are very popular among players, but the best female Fortnite skins have a greater demand among the players. There are hundreds of skins to choose from, but in this guide, we have put together the hottest Fortnite skins that appeal the most to the players.

Complete list of Hottest Skins in Fortnite

There are surely a lot of options to choose from, there are different needs and appeals for everyone and everything might not look pleasant to every onlooker. This list has been made keeping in mind the best interest of its viewers and tries to put the sexiest Fortnite skins available in the game right now in front of the players.

Fortnite Hottest Female Skins List
Image via Epic Games

But taste is subjective so it might occur that someone may or may not agree with our ranking, which will be completely understandable. So here’s the list of the sexy Fortnite skins for which the players have an extra appeal.

25. Selene Skin

Fortnite Selene Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

Selene has a vibrant colour combination for her skin which gives off a happy and cute vibe that makes players adore her and gives her a place in this list of the best Fortnite girls skins.

24. Undercover Kor’s Skin

Fortnite Undercover Kor Skin
Image via Epic Games

The color palette for her outfit is very bold and mesmerizing. The red and black go very well together and the sleeveless shoulders add a hot appeal to the skin. This is why she will always pop up in someone’s mind while they are talking about the sexy Fortnite skins that the game has to offer.

23. Black Widow (Snow Suit) Skin

There are several Marvel skins available in Fortnite and almost all of them look great. But the Black Widow has a special appeal to it, especially the Snow Suit version as Marvel fanboys always have a thing for Natasha Romanoff which makes it one of the most wanted female Fortnite skins.

Fortnite Black Widow Snow Suit Skin
Image via Epic Games

This will not be the first Marvel skin that players will witness in this list and rightly so as Marvel has done some great work while creating skins for Fortnite and their work will mentioned more than once as we further go down this list.

22. Chu-Li Skin

Fortnite Chu Li Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins Fortnite Hottest Skins Fortnite Hottest Skins Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

The skin of Chun-Li is very curvaceous and would greatly appeal to a particular number of players by a lot, while it will also stay a fan favorite among other players because of her god-gifted features which makes her a part of the sexy Fortnite skins list.

21. Reina Skin

Fortnite Reina Skin
Image via Epic Games

Reina is one of the finest Christmas additions in Fortnite. It’s silver heir, Santa-themed outfit and antlers make her the best Christmas present for the players from the developers.

20. Eivor Varinsdottir Skin

Fortnite Eivor Varinsdottir Skin
Image via Epic Gmaes

Even though this skin doesn’t boast the common skimpy outfits that players like on the female skins, Eivor has a different aura of power and intensity which is also very attractive to a certain section of players and caters to their needs perfectly.

19. Lifeguard Skin

Fortnite Lifeguard Skin
Image via Epic Games

This one is an old skin back from Chapter 1 Season 5. But it boasts an attractive lifeguard in a wet swimming costume who is always ready to save some lives. Brave and beautiful, the combination is surely a favorite among many.

18. Captain Marvel Skin

Fortnite Captain Marvel Skin
Image via Epic Games

Captain Marvel is one of the most famous Marvel skins in the game and when it was released, surely a lot of players went gaga over it. She has several great qualities such as strength, intelligence, and leadership which appeal to a lot of players.

17. Kate Bishop Skin

Fortnite Kate Bishop Skin
Image via Epic Games

One of the other additions from the Marvel line of superheroes is Kate Bishop who is played by Hailee Steinfeld in the Hawkeye series. The skin captured the essence of the character beautifully and is one of the fan favorites.

16. Celeste Skin

Fortnite Celeste Skin
Image via Epic Games

This alternative style of Celeste is very aesthetically appealing because of the perfect combination of cuteness and edginess. Her outfit along with her hairstyle go along very well with each other which makes her very easy on the eyes.

15. Dusty Skin

Image via Epic Games

Dusty has a unique skin and when she is viewed from her special wallpaper she looks even better. Her tomboy attire with the black tank top makes many players go gaga over her.

14. Beach Crystal Skin

Fortnite Beach Crystal Skin
Image via Epic Games

The Beach Crystal Skin has the perfect summer vibe which she carries very elegantly. Her stylish swimsuit makes the already hot temperature even higher.

13. Lara Croft Skin

Fortnite Lara Croft Skin
Image via Epic Games

Lara Croft as a character has been hugely popular worldwide and after it was released as a skin in Fortnite, the craze amongst the battle royale fans for her grew even more.

12. Charlotte Skin

Fortnite Charlotte Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

Charlotte’s skin has a sense of mystery around herself which is quite appealing to a lot of players. Her stylish and sleek white robbed assassin outfit also makes her look cool and hot at the same time which makes her one of the hottest Fortnite skins.

11. Harley Quinn Skin

Fortnite Harley Quinn Skin
Image via Epic Games

It is no secret that most players have some way or the other a crush on Harley Quinn at some point in time. So it’s no surprise that she ranks so highly in the list. Her charisma, hotness, and elegance are to die for and her passion for being naughty makes it the cherry on top of her personality.

10. Fyra Skin

Fortnite Fyra Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

This skin embraces the primal instincts of humans. She is a huntswoman who is not a typical gatherer but a fighter. Her uniqueness makes her very appealing to a lot of players.

9. Gia Skin

Image via Epic Games

Gia has a great hairstyle unique body paintings and a beautiful outfit. Everything about her skin falls in place perfectly with each other like a solved puzzle. She is beautiful, confident, and charming which makes her a big hit amongst players.

8. Ariana Grande Skin

Fortnite Ariana Grande Skin
Image via Epic Games

Ariana Grande is a big name in the music industry and her fans can be found in every corner of the world. The skin of Ariana Grande in Fortnite does a very good job of perfecting her facial features and successfully incorporating them into the skin. Players should certainly check out The Rift Tour if they are her fans as they are certainly missing out otherwise.

7. Kyra Skin

Fortnite Kyra Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

Though Kyra isn’t wearing some extravagant dress or anything, her casual but hot outfit makes her appear sleek and beautiful. She looks just like a supermodel in Fortnite with her tight ponytail and sharp facial features and that is why she is kept in the minds of most of the players while they debate about the most hot skins in Fortnite within themselves or with their friends.

6. Aura Skin

Fortnite Aura Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

Aura’s skin consists of silky hair, a stylish outfit, and a cute face. All of these qualities working together make her very adorable and also make her appear as one of the most sexy Fortnite skins.

5. Athleisure Assassin Skin

Fortnite Athleisure Assassin Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

The Assassin Skin perfectly combines the athleticism and elegance of a beautiful lady into one single skin. This way even though her outfit is pretty simple, players are still attracted to her fitness and sporty curves which makes her one of the hottest Fortnite skins available at the moment.

4. Erisa Skin

Fortnite Erisa Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

Erisa has got a mysterious appeal to herself. She is also beautiful and curvaceous, which makes her the complete package and makes her rank so high in the list of the best female Fortnite skins.

3. Demi Skin

Fortnite Demi Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

The skin of Demi wears a very seductive and sexy short dress along with high heels which make her look very feminine and beautiful. She also wears makeup which goes very well with her skin tone and makes her appear even hotter and that is why it ranks at number three on our list.

2. Beach Ruby Skin

Fortnite Beach Ruby Skin Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

Ruby in general has a very appealing appearance. Even in a hoodie, she appears beautiful and charming but in her special beach look, her actual appearance truly gets a chance to give a show to the players and her brown hair perfectly goes with her red sleeveless outfit. It is one of those characters who can slay in any outfit provided to her.

1. Doublecross Skin

Fortnite Hottest Skins
Image via Epic Games

She is an important part of the Red Lily Set and even in her beach outfit sports a holster with a gun inside it. This proves that behind her charming and sweet personality, there’s a badass woman who demands respect and equality and shouldn’t be messed with anywhere. Her perfect blend of hot and bold makes her stand at the top of the hottest Fortnite skins list.

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