Endless Frost mixes survival elements with strategy, now available as Android early access in the US

SkyRise Digital’s latest and upcoming strategy title Endless Frost is now available on early access in the US region. The early access version is currently available for Android users only with no mention of any specific time when the game will be released in the final version. Besides, the global release has also not been announced. For now, it seems that the developer company is looking for feedback from the players before it releases a full version.

Strategy and survival elements create a unique blend in Endless Frost’s gameplay

The title features an interesting story in a time when the world has plunged into an icy apocalypse. Survival is the toughest and the only way to stay alive is by making a community and building shelter. Endless Frost is a social survival game where you will take the role of a leader of survivors, confronting the challenges of surviving in a harsh, resource-scarce environment.

Endless Frost gameplay cover
Image via SkyRise Digital

As you progress through the game, you must navigate extreme weather and threats from nature and other survivors. Besides, strategic management actions will come in handy as they will help in gathering resources, shelter construction, and technological research to ensure survival. But the world is full of chaos and hostile forces await to take everything away. Thus, you’ll make important decisions on when to explore, return to the shelter, and handle attacks from hostile forces.

The game features a post icy apocalyptic world in its backdrop

Well, to talk about the graphics, it is not very well optimized as of now because Endless Frost is in early access. But the terrain and icy environment look realistic and enjoyable. We’ll see a more refined work when the final release comes out.

“In social strategy, players build relationships and collaborate with fellow survivors. They can form an Alliance to overcome challenges and resist hostile forces together“, the game reads. Being available only in the US, players from that region can access the game from Google Play Store.

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