Cookie Run: Kingdom Olive Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Cookie Run: Kingdom released the new Version 4.13 update “The Lost Golden City” on November 3rd, 2023. One of the Cookies being released in the patch is named Olive Cookie. Olive Cookie Guide is an Epic Support Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom that is in the Rear position. This guide will help you with how to build Olive Cookie, how to obtain her, and the ways to level her up. 

Olive Cookie Guide is an Epic Cookie and hence can be obtained through the Gacha. Due to her Rarity, Soulstones will be available to buy after a few patches from her initial release in Version 4.13 either through the form of Shops or in Limited events. There are many ways to obtain Olive Cookie’s Soulstones such as,

  • Mileage Shop: Available in the Gacha section and bought through Mileage Points from pulling Cookies.
  • Kingdom Arena Medal Shop: Available exclusively through the Kingdom Arena. Players have to participate in PvP battles and ultimately win to obtain the Medals of Victory currency in order to exchange them with the Soulstones. In every Shop reset which lasts for 3 days, there are 2 Epic Cookie Soulstones purchases in stock where each purchase will give you 2 Soulstones. A total of 4 Soulstones can be collected in total.
Cookie Run Kingdom Olive Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Guild Medal Shop: Available exclusively through joining a Guild. Players have to participate in Guild Battles to obtain the Heroic Medal currency in order to exchange them with the Soulstones. Just like the Kingdom Arena, players can get 2 Soulstones for each purchase, where there are 2 purchases in stock. This means a total of 4 Soulstones can be obtained in every Shop Reset lasting 3 days.
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery: Located inside Touc’s Trade Harbor after you upgrade it. The soulstones can only be exchanged with the Rainbow Pearls currency which can be obtained by shipping various goods through the Ship Harbor. You can obtain 5 Soulstone Cookies. The Shop resets every 2 Days so players have to keep a lookout on which Soulstone Cookies comes out every rotation.

Additionally, her Soulstones will eventually be added to the World Exploration.

Character Introduction

From long, winding canyons and dense rainforests to scorching Parmasands! Olive Cookie the archaeologist seeks out remote locations veiled from the world! This Cookie owes her wits and smarts to all the ripe, oily olives in her dough. She’s always busy researching and recording historical facts and important stories of ancient kingdoms. Is that a relic?! A trickle of olive oil runs down her face in the long-awaited moment of excitement…!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Olive Cookie
Image via Devsisters

But there’s no time to celebrate: time to pay respects by publishing the details in a research paper! Olive Cookie will do anything to unearth the secrets of history—like running headfirst into a cave full of bats! Once again, she fixes her glasses, tightens her backpack straps, and ventures toward her next discovery!

Play-style and Skillset

  • Rarity: Epic Cookie
  • Type: Support Cookie
  • Position: Rear
Name Description Explanation

Bat Attack
Olive Cookie runs off as though she’s forgotten her exploration equipment, then returns chased by a cauldron of bats. She trips, and the bats fly over her to attack enemies in front of Olive Cookie. The bats differ in types depending on their color, they apply debuffs, and Stun enemies with a certain chance. (Cooldown: 15 seconds) Olive Cookie suddenly dashes away as she’s luring a bunch of bats in a cauldron. She comes back and she trips, But it’s all part of the plan. The bats she brought with her now zoom past and attack the enemies in front of her.
These bats come in different colors, each with its own special effects. They can put debuffs on enemies, making them less effective, and there’s even a chance they might stun the enemies—basically, temporarily stop them from doing anything. Different bats provide different abilities and the type of bat appearing during battle is purely RNG based.
Black Bat DMG per hit: Earth attack
Blue Bat: Normal attack + Zap
 Red Bat: Fire Attack + Burn
Level Level Up EXP (Star Jellies Lvl.1) Skill Level Up (Skill Powder)
1-10 1510 EXP 25x Common, 4500x Gold
11-20 10,040 EXP 75x Common, 14500x Gold
21-30 56,790 EXP 30x Refined, 47000x Gold
31-40 314,510 EXP 80x Refined, 107000x Gold
41-50 1,401,060 EXP 110x Pristine, 212000x Gold
51-60 332,160 EXP 250x Pristine, 410000x Gold
61-65 342,124 EXP 150x Pristine, 280000x Gold
66-70 362,054 EXP 150x Pristine, 330000x Gold
71-75 383,777 EXP 175x Pristine, 380000x Gold
Stars Materials Needed
1 Star 20x Soulstones, 500x Gold
2 Stars 30x Soulstones, 5000x Gold
3 Stars 50x Soulstones, 10000x Gold
4 Stars 70x Soulstones, 50000x Gold
5 Stars 100x Soulstones, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 1 360x Common Soul Essence, 20x Soulcores, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 2 320x Rare Soul Essence, 30x Soulcores, 200000x Gold
Ascension Star: 3 120x Epic Soul Essence, 40x Soulcores, 300000x Gold
Ascension Star: 4 180x Epic Soul Essence, 50x Soulcores, 500000x Gold
Ascension Star: 5 30x Legendary Soul Essence, 60x Soulcores, 700000x Gold

Olive Cookie has an assortment of Toppings to choose from depending on what you prefer in her build. Additionally, after the Version 4.11 update, all Cookies or non-cookies that are released and have ties with the ‘The Lost Golden City‘ storyline will be able to use the Radiant Cheese Resonant Toppings.

These Toppings work just like the Moonkissed Toppings where the damage multipliers are boosted up from regular Toppings. Olive Cookie is a Support Cookie and as such her position is in the rear. There are two recommended Toppings to choose from depending on what you prefer in her build, although one is preferable to the other. Players can opt for giving her a full 5-piece of Swift Chocolate Toppings in order to reduce her Skill cooldown even further than 15 seconds (a full set will reduce her cooldown to 8 seconds).

Name Description
Cookie Run: Kingdom Swift Chocolate
Swift Chocolate (Radiant Cheese Toppings)
Eat before it melts! This chocolate can decrease the Cookie’s Cooldown.

  Equip 5: -5% Cooldown
Sub-stat Priority: ATK = DMG Resist > ATK SPD > CRIT > Amplify Buff > Cooldown

Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie Searing Raspberry
Searing Raspberry (Radiant Cheese Toppings)
A searing berry like this one can increase Cookie’s ATK.  

Equip 3: +3% ATK
Equip 5: +5% ATK
Sub-stat Priority: ATK = DMG Resist > ATK SPD > CRIT > Amplify Buff > Cooldown

This toppings is the most recommended build for her. You can also opt for a 5-piece of Searing Raspberry Toppings in order to increase her attack output, although it will prove to not be viable in the long run due to her long cool-down.

Final Thoughts

Olive Cookie is quite a let-down character that was released. She severely lacks and falls in lower tier ranking due to her RNG-based abilities for her bats. Coupled with that to her low damage multipliers, Olive Cookie isn’t someone we would recommend to build. It seems the only way she can be viable is if she somehow receives a Magic Candy in the future updates.

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