Controversy Hits The PS5 Slim & A Big Nintendo Game Coming Sooner Than We Thought? | News Wave

With a new set of images showing up online giving us a look at the PS5 Slim bundle, some fine print appears to show a requirement for Sony’s new disc drive that started a lot of controversy online. With a rating popping up online for Nintendo’s big Mario game next year, some are now wondering if it could be coming sooner than expected.

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00:00 – Start

00:38 – Mario Party 3 Hits NSO This Week

2:00 – Dragon Quest X Could Be Getting A Western Release

3:14 – Starfield Has Passed 11 Million Players

4:30 – Sony’s New PS5 Console Needs A One Time Internet Check

10:19 – Xbox Partner Preview

14:30 – Paper Mario TTYD Rated

16:39 – Poll

17:43 – Comment Of The Day

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