Controversy Explodes Online With The Game Awards & A Major Delay Hits Sony + Bungie | News Wave

The Game Awards is set to air next week and after a recent update controversy has exploded online around a certain category. A delay is now official for Sony & Bungie with a big release now moving into the next fiscal year.

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00:00 – Start

00:39 – The Game Awards Security Update

2:23 – Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Date Announcement Today

3:31 – Ubisoft Gives Away Assassin’s Creed Syndicate On PC

4:26 – Geoff Keighley Responds To The Indie GotY Controversy

9:27 – Destiny 2 Expansion Delayed

12:20 – Xbox Series S Bundled With Physical Xbox One FIFA

14:40 – FF7 Rebirth Enemy Scaling Option

16:56 – Poll

17:45 – Comment Of The Day

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