Clash Royale announces its roadmap for the year 2024

Clash Royale has released the roadmap for the year 2024 to give a sneak peek of what’s coming next for the fans. We will be completing 2023 in a month from now and looks like there are some interesting plans scheduled by Supercell for the popular strategy title, including a major gameplay update, card evolution, and more are in the works, which we will discuss in this article.

Clash Royale Roadmap for the year 2024

Clash Royale Roadmap 2024
Image via Supercell

A major update in Tower Troop

The most exciting revelation from the announcement is the introduction of Tower Troops in the game. This groundbreaking addition promises to inject a new level of strategy into the game, reshaping arena dynamics and challenging players to rethink their approaches.

Even though there hasn’t been specific information on how these Tower Troops function, it’s possible that they could serve as an option to deploy on your crown towers. This deployment might then activate them to function independently, essentially acting like standalone towers. You can get the idea of your Bomb Tower card as your Crown/Princess Tower to get a clear picture.

More Card Evolutions

Clash Royale Card Evolution cover, Clash Royale Card Evolution list of cards
Image via Supercell

Well, this was coming. I personally like Card Evolutions, and it will be interesting to see how the next year will play out. We already have a good number of Card Evolutions, and at the current pace, averaging at least 12 annually. Looking ahead, it seems there will be even more cards introduced every season, potentially completing the evolution abilities for all existing cards.

New Cards and Champions

The prospect of new cards and champions is exciting. It not only keeps things fresh but also presents a healthy challenge by reshaping the meta. I think since the recent addition of the sixth champion has proven to be quite popular, they decided to bring in new champions for next year.

Clash Royale Little Prince cover
Image via Supercell

The anticipation for what kind of cards will be introduced next year adds an element of mystery and excitement to the game. We’ll have to wait and see what innovative and strategic options the upcoming additions will bring to Clash Royale.

Final Thoughts

Clash Royale’s recent announcement hints at some big changes coming to the game, and I personally like the new cards being added, we do need a healthy change in the meta. Also in December, there’s a small app update planned as a preview for the highly anticipated January season. Even though this update is small, it’s like a sneak peek, setting the stage for a bigger and more exciting gaming experience in 2024.

The addition of the Tower Troop and the buzz around the upcoming January season show that Clash Royale is committed to keeping things fresh and full of surprises. Players can look forward to a lot of cool stuff happening in the Clash Royale world the next year, so let us wait!

What are your thoughts about the Clash Royale 2024 Roadmap? Let us know in the comments below!

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