Ark Re:Code Beginners Guide and Tips

Ark Re:Code is a turn-based strategy game. The story is longer than your usual gacha game, and after each level, you get a bit of that spicy content. You’re in charge of a crew of four characters and your task is to apply their skills, level them up, and equip them with equipment. In this guide, we will provide you with a Beginners Guide and Tips for Ark Re:Code.

Gameplay Overview

Ark Re:Code is a strategy game in which players take turns making strategic movements. The game contains some interesting and hot moments. The tale of Ark Re:Code is long, and you get a taste of the spicy content after each level. You play as the main protagonist in the game who leads a group of strong girls in battle. Your task is to use their powers, level them up, and equip them with better equipment.

Ark Re Code Beginners Guide
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The game contains fast and exciting battles that occur automatically to some extent. You can change the course of the battle by using amazing skills. Various features are in place to help you train your characters and make the game more entertaining.

List of different Game Modes in Ark Re:Code

1. Story

In Story mode, you can immerse yourself in the story of Ark Re:Code. Find out what happens to the main character and his squad of brave girls as they fight to save the world. It is strongly advised to begin playing the story mode as soon as possible because the more you progress, the more game modes and amazing features you will unlock.

2. Element Exploration

In Ark Re:Code, the mode called Element Exploration is where you can acquire elemental materials to enhance your team members. Each team member has a unique element, such as Flame or Water, and you must use materials from that element to enhance them. If you have a Flame element team member, for example, you’ll need Flame-based materials to enhance her.

3. Virtual Reality

In Ark Re:Code, the Virtual Reality mode is where you face various enemies on different levels. The key is that the more you win, the more levels you unlock. My advice is to keep attempting these levels in order to beat more of them and earn additional rewards. If you get stuck on any level, return to that difficult level only after leveling up or upgrading your team members.

4. Arena

The Arena is where player versus player (PVP) battles take place in Ark Re:Code. You can compete against other players or teams created by the game itself. If you’re having trouble winning in the Arena, just focus on leveling up, upgrading, and equipping your team with the proper equipment. Give it another attempt after you’ve made these changes.

5. Hunt

In Ark Re:Code’s Hunt mode, you can acquire materials to make stronger gear for your team. It may not seem important at first, but as you progress through the game, it becomes essential. This mode allows you to acquire the materials needed to craft stronger equipment, increasing the power of your team and allowing you to face more difficult levels in the game.

Introducing the Basics of Ark Re:Code

Battle Mode

The battle mode in Ark Re:Code is divided into several sections, including Story mode, Element Exploration, Virtual Reality, Arena, and Hunt. These sections are critical for a variety of reasons. Story mode advances the plot of the game and unlocks additional modes and features.

Ark Re Code Beginners Guide
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Other modes are also significant since they assist you in gathering materials required to improve your teammates or craft equipment. This overall enhances your squad, making it easier to face the game’s hardest challenges.


In Member Mode, you can see all of the characters you’ve unlocked. In this section, you can improve your characters by improving their skills, increasing their damage, or providing stronger buffs. You can also level up your characters to improve their basic abilities and overall strength.

Ark Re Code Beginners Guide
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When your character reaches the maximum level, you have the option of breaking the limit, allowing them to level up even further and become even more powerful.


In Ark Re:Code, you can use in-game currency to recruit powerful team members and bonds. There are several varieties of recruits, and each one may require a different type of in-game currency.

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The available team members and bonds can also vary, so check the recruit details by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen before attempting to recruit them. Every day, you’ll also have the opportunity to perform a free basic recruit.

Secret Shop

In the Secret Shop in Ark Re:Code, you can purchase items like gear, members, and contracts. The higher your secret shop level, the better the items you can obtain. When your account rank rises, so does the maximum level of the secret shop.

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Simply use Gold to level it up. The maximum level is 13. The shop displays various things that vary every hour. If you don’t like what’s there, you can spend some diamonds to refresh and have new products appear immediately.


Team up with other players by joining a guild. You have the option of forming your own guild or joining an existing one. When you join a guild, you get to do enjoyable things with other members and share important items like catalysts. As everyone in the guild continues to participate in activities together, the guild improves and advances to higher levels.

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A guild can have as many as 30 members. Furthermore, being a member of a guild comes with rewards for showing up every day as well as numerous benefits. The more members there are in the guild, the more perks and privileges you will receive.

Ark Re:Code Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Play the story mode early to gain access to extra game modes and features.
  • Recognize your team members’ different elemental types. To properly improve your team, focus on gathering items specific to each element.
  • If you get stuck on any level of Virtual Reality mode, level up or improve your team members before attempting it again.
  • Prepare for Arena PVP matches by leveling up and upgrading your team. If you’re having trouble, adjust your strategies and equipment and attempt the Arena after making the necessary modifications.
  • Participate in Hunt mode regularly to obtain materials for crafting stronger gear. It is essential to strengthen your team by crafting better equipment in order to face tougher challenges.
  • In Member Mode, improve your characters by enhancing skills, leveling up members, and breaking the limit when members reach the maximum level for even more power.
  • Use in-game currency wisely to recruit powerful team members and bonds. Check out the recruit information to learn more about a certain recruit banner, and don’t forget about the daily free basic recruits.
  • To gain access to better items, level up the Secret Shop with gold. Refresh the shop with diamonds for new items, and keep a watch out for hourly changes.
  • Team up with other players by joining or creating a guild. Participate in guild activities, share items, and enjoy rewards as the guild progresses.

Final Thoughts

Ark Re:Code provides a dynamic gaming experience featuring Story, Element Exploration, Virtual Reality, Arena, Hunt, and Battle Mode. Element Exploration improves team members with elemental resources while Story advances the plot and unlocks features. Virtual Reality has difficult levels, Arena has PvP battles, and Hunt has essential crafting resources.

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