Agreement signed to achieve Saudi Green Initiative goals in Taif

RIYADH: Red Sea Global revealed on Wednesday that its nursery has surpassed the impressive milestone of cultivating over 5 million plants since its establishment three years ago.

Currently operating at full capacity, the nursery is staffed by skilled Saudi farmers and experienced national experts, dedicated to cultivating a diverse array of plant species.

Distinguished as the largest nursery in the region, spanning over 1 million square meters, it aspires to produce more than 30 million plants.

These will be utilized to adorn resorts, hotels, and various ambitious projects such as the Red Sea and Amaala destinations.

The selection of local plants, flowers, and other greenery is carefully curated to harmonize with the distinctive environment of the Red Sea region.

The majority of plants in the nursery are indigenous species perfectly adapted to the climate of the Red Sea, encompassing coastal and surrounding inland conditions.

The introduction of additional desert species follows thorough assessments to ensure their comfortable coexistence with local plants and animals.

Muteb Al-Osaimi, senior manager of the nursery, said that combatting desertification is a multifaceted process, highlighting the Red Sea Global company’s capacity to effect positive change.

“This presents an opportunity to transcend reasonable limits, elevate sustainability standards, and collaborate with an international team of experts who share a passion for environmental enhancement. Concurrently, we contribute to crafting beautiful destinations by designing captivating landscapes, creating inviting spaces for visitors to unwind, and fostering flourishing wildlife,” said Al-Osaimi.

Red Sea Global has redoubled its investment in training and employing Saudi talents within the nursery, ensuring that both humanity and nature reap the benefits of this transformative project.

The nursery’s 80 Saudi employees bring varying levels of expertise to this pivotal endeavor.

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